How to shop

  1. Your account
    You can shop as a Guest or register for an account.
    Signing up is simple. We will only ask you to provide necessary and useful information for the purchase process.
    In the registration form you will find formatting examples that can help you when entering information such as phone numbers.
    You can view information about your order by going to "My Account" if you are a registered customer, or by clicking on the link we sent you in the email. Order confirmation in case you are a customer without an account.
  2. Modify orders
    After completing the purchase, we will send you a confirmation email with the details of the order.
    If you want to change your order information, please email within 1 hour so we can process and change the information.
    Please note that orders once packed and prepared cannot be canceled or changed.
  3. Carts
    In the shopping cart, you can view the contents of your order and change the quantity or delete products in the order.
    Please note that we do not guarantee that the products in the cart are in stock. Therefore, if a product is out of stock, we will notify you immediately in this section.

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